Alexandra Dobbs
Sophrologist and Hypnotherapist
Alexandra Dobbs
Sophrologist and Hypnotherapist


How can I reduce my fear of failing?

02 Jun 2022

You sometimes think I'm scared, I don't dare, I'm going to fail, I'm not going to make it... and, consequently, you don't act, you postpone and postpone again, you renounce... and that because you ...

How to cope with eco-anxiety and solastalgy with Hypnosis and Sophrology

14 Apr 2022

When climate change impacts mental health
To date, there is no unique definition of eco-anxiety, particularly from a medical point of view. According to Alice Desbiolles, public health doctor and ...


19 Jan 2022

Agoraphobia, claustrophobia, hematophobia, arachnophobia, school phobia, homophobia, xenophobia. Are these all to be placed under the same umbrella? No ! Indeed, as far as psychopathology is concer...

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How can I reduce my fear of failing?

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