Alexandra Dobbs
Sophrologist and Hypnosis Practitioner
Alexandra Dobbs
Sophrologist and Hypnosis Practitioner

Alexandra Dobbs - Sophrology and Hypnosis in Vincennes and Boulogne


Alexandra Dobbs

As a Sophrologist and Hypnosis Practicioner, I support children (age 6+), adolescents, adults, through short-term counseling, in either individual or group settings, led in either French or English.

In a few words

Sophrology and Hypnosis are personal development practices which take into account your body, mind and emotions. They help initiate a momentum to allow you to bypass an emotional state or modify a behavior which no longer suits you, or to move on to a new stage in life. They develop well-being and a better understanding of one-self, and enable you to activate your full potential.

- Sophrology is based on a combination of breathing and relaxation exercises, as well as the visualization of mental images.

- Hypnosis  is a term used both to describe a technique and the modified state of consciousness it is based on. Putting oneself in the state of hypnosis or doing it with a practitioner is thus intentionally reproducing this state of consciousness to serve the objective of the counseling.

Your Sophrology and Hypnosis practicioner
in Vincennes and Boulogne

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5 rue Robert Giraudineau
94300 Vincennes


10 sq du Pont de Sèvres
92100 Boulogne

You can easily access the practices coming from Boulogne, Boulogne-Billancourt, Bagnolet, Charenton-le-Pont,   Fontenay-sous-Bois, Lilas, Meudon, Montreuil, Nogent-sur-Marne, Paris 11, Paris 12, Paris 15, Paris 16, Paris 20, Romainville, Rosny-sous-Bois,  Saint-Cloud, Saint-Mandé, Sèvres, Issy-les-Moulineaux, Ville-d'Avray, Vincennes ... .

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From Monday to Saturday from 8h to 20h

Make sure to contact Alexandra Dobbs before coming to the practice.

Practical information

I support children (age 6+) , adolescents, adults, seniors during individual sessions in my practice or within their home, or collective sessions within associations, companies,  schools, medical structures etc. 

Sophrology and Hypnosis: first insight

individual or collective sessions

During individual sessions the overall therapeutic program, the intention and exercises of each individual session are tailored to your needs and to the precise objective you set out for yourself during the initial session.

During collective sessions more general themes are proposed and adapted according to the group dynamic and context in which these sessions are organized. The exercises are led in a more generic manner.

individual sessions

During individual sessions the overall therapeutic program and each session is tailored to your needs and to the precise objective you set out for yourself during the initial session.

Each session is unique and focusses on a specific step which will enable you to move forward on your transformational journey.

They experienced Sophrology and Hypnosis

"Taking a step back"

By coconut

I neede to take a step back from my partner's illness and a few members of my family. Thanks to Alexandra and her Sophrology method I managed to channel my fears, anxiety and anguish and above all accept daily life with the illness and evrything which was preventing me from living in the present moment. I still practice the exercises, some more than others and it helps me take a step back from events which used to impact me too much and I can visualize places where I can withdraw to and take a deep breath. Thanks Alexandra for your ear, benevolence and your voice which , as soon as I hear it, relaxes me. The workshop was a breath of fresh air for me and I will sign up for a new adventure soon. Don't hesiatate to seek Alexandra's support if you need to regain serenity and be tuned to yourself with no judgement.


"An ocean of serenity"

By Béné

I was looking for a way to channel my emotions which overwhelm me sometimes and prevent me from being serene. I wanted to try sophrology and it turned out to be a wonderful encounter. A. DOBBS welcomed me great kindness and a willing ear. I very quickly felt a difference, thanks to the exercises she proposed (breathing, being aware of my mental and physical state, letting go, and with movements and images suggesting to get rid of or progressively putting at a distance these negative and toxic thoughts ). Led by A. DOBBS' calm and reassuring voice, I had a feeling of security and well-being from the very firts session and that built up all along. I've totally integrated the exercises and feel pacified and better equipped to manage my emotions and my fears.


"I feel more confident now"

By Issis

Alexandra is a solid and excellent professional, with great empathy. It has a wide range of tools, which uses wonderfully. Hypnosis works very well. The work with Alexandra allows to gradually integrate all exercises easily to the daily post-therapy routine. I'm grateful for the opportunity of working my fears with Alexandra.


"Tools for my anxiety"

By Kate

Alexandra provided a really accepting place for me to explore some of my anxiety and give me tools to deal with it. I found the combination with hypnosis really helpful. This lead me to a deep relaxation that let me release old tension built over years and has had a lasting effect. It is great that she is also fluent in English which helped a lot with some the cultural differences I experience being an expat. I would highly recommend her to anyone.


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