Alexandra Dobbs
Sophrologist and Hypnotherapist
Alexandra Dobbs
Sophrologist and Hypnotherapist

About me

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Today, as a certified Sophrologist, professional Sophrology trainer and Hypnosis Practitioner, I support those who feel stuck and don’t manage to change by mere willpower an emotional or mental state, or behavior

I combine Sophrology and Hypnosis because it allows me to take into account my client as a whole person (body, mind and emotions); I offer tailored short-term therapies, geared towards a precisely defined goal which we define together.

Choose your destination and regain control; I will be your co-pilot and pave the way.

Previously, for over 25 years, first as a Design Consultant then as Internal Communication deputy Director in various business sectors (leisure and media, automobile, non-profit organizations, pharmaceutical), I was committed to listening to individual needs and was eager to contribute to people’s well-being by giving sense and meaning to their work and living environment. Despite the often tense economic and social contexts, I was particularly drawn to actions which favored exchanges among individuals, fostered human diversity among teams, offered individual and collective development opportunities and gave way to didactic information about internal policies.


I am a member of several local associations and eager to take part in developing a society more respectful of mankind and of our environment. I also follow up on thoughts and studies about child education because children are tomorrow's citizens of this world.

Supporting expatriates

I specialize in supporting people who are experiencing difficulties with expatriation.

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For example

  • I help those who "followed" a spouse who had a professional transfer and who need to transform expatriation into a personal experience, those who don't want to "just be the spouse who followed" and who is waiting for it to pass
  • I help those who have left their country of origin for economic or political reasons and need to heal the trauma of forced exile
  • I help those who find themselves abroad and need to find their bearings and feel good despite the distance, the isolation

I am Franco-American and I have lived in France, in the United States, in England and in Belgium. I have changed schools eight times, I have traveled to more than thirty countries. My current family is tri-national and tri-lingual.

So I am familiar with these issues about having touble defining one's identity when in a different country, adaptating to a new culture, overcoming the feeling of being isolated...

My Training and Professional Certifications

  • Trained as a Sophrologist at the Institut de Formation à la Sophrologie (Paris, France) and Holder of a French Sophrologist  Professional Certification (Répertoire National de la Certification Professionnelle)
  • A practicioner in RITMO® (Retraitement de l'Information Traumatique par les Mouvements Oculaires, a technique derived from EMDR®). Trained by Lili Ruggieri
  • Holder of a Bachelor of Industrial Design with a minor in Art History from Pratt Institute (NY, United States)
  • Sarah Lawrence College (NY, United States)

My Ethic and Commitment

  • As a Member of the Chambre Syndicale de Sophrologie (French Sophrology Trade Association) and as such I comply with its Code of conduct and practice within a strict ethical framework.
  • As a trained Practioner from the Académie de Recherche et Connaissances en Hypnose Ericksonienne, I comply with their Code of ethic.

Alexandra Dobbs
in Vincennes

My practice in Vincennes

5 rue Robert Giraudineau
94300 Vincennes

From Monday to Saturday from 8h to 20h

"Stop smoking!"

By Bret

I have struggled for years to end the start-stop process of smoking. Willpower just wasn’t enough, and that is why I sought out Alexandra. Her calm and measured approach served me well. Two months on from my last session I feel well armed to fight and not give into temptation. I have broken the vicious cycle of failure.


By Zahra

She gives very professional and good and cooperative really feel good after meeting her

"a pleasure to entrust your child to Mrs. Dobbs"

By Maissoun AL-REFAI

It is a pleasure to entrust your child to Mrs. Dobbs. Professional and pleasant. Her work was a great success for my son. I was very reluctant at first with sophrology and thanks to her work he is making great progress, I strongly recommend her. Best wishes (posted on Google)

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