Alexandra Dobbs
Sophrologist and Hypnotherapist
Alexandra Dobbs
Sophrologist and Hypnotherapist


What’s the roll-out of a session?

The initial session starts with an extensive dialogue which will enable us to get acquainted, enable you to voice your needs, physical and emotional state, and help you clarify your objective. After that, the therapeutical work starts with a sophrology, hypnosis or RITMO practice, depending on your need. it is also important to let me know how best to support you. The session ends with a brief dialogue

The following sessions start off with a brief update of your situation and to give the right focus for the session. These sessions also end with a brief dialogue.

The 1st session usually lasts 1h30 and the following 1h.

Sophrology or Hypnosis, what should I choose?

I will determine the practice which is most adapted to your need. For some clients I will only use sophrology, for others hypnosis, and for some a mix. When required I will introduce RITMO (a practice related to EMDR).

If you a preference for one or the other technique, a specific expectation I will of course take it into account.


A Sophrology session is based on two types of exercises:

  • dynamic relaxation exercises: sequences based on yoga and associated with controlled breathing, practiced either standing or sitting.
  • and sophronization exercises: static exercises based on hypnosis. In a state of very deep relaxation, guided by my voice you will connect to positive experiences. They are practiced either sitting or laying down.

To enhance the results, it is recommended to train regularly (a few times a week): you can choose which exercises you wish to practice. The exercices only take a few minutes each. The repetition will enable their effects to sink in and lead to change. To practice, I will provide you with memo cards and you will be able to record certain exercises with your phone so that you can listen to them again while at home.

Gradually, your toolbox will be enriched with very simple, customized and easy to practice exercises which will go a long way.


There are many ways to go into a hypnotic trance. I will guide you so you can make your own experience, explore and find your own way.

When in a hypnotic trance you are not sleeping, although sometimes it feels like it. However you feel, think and behave in a non-ordinary way all the while being aware of what is going on around you. At any point in time, while in trance, you can talk to me so we can co-build your experience and solution. Sometimes you will be seated, sometimes standing. Most of the time the body will be in motion.

"I’m afraid to lose control". "I’m worried I’m going to say things I will regret". "I don’t know how to let loose". "It won’t work on me"...  If you are worried, have questions, have pre-conceived ideas which make you hesitate, I invite you to let me know so that we can take into account and find a way to enable you to make the change you want.

How many sessions should I plan?

I propose short-term therapies with a set objective which will be defined during the first session.

However, a short-term therapy is not an instant therapy even though it may lead to quick and surprising results.

There is not a pre-determined number of sessions, though 8 to 10 sessions are an average. Sometimes one session is enough to unblock a situation and sometimes it can a year to work out complex situations. It depends on your need, your rhythm and what the issue is.

We will decide together how frequently you want us to meet, depending on your situation, considering this can evolve with time. Often, it’s useful to start with a weekly rhythm to face an «emotional emergency » ; later we can meet every two weeks or once a month until you reach your objective.

Individual or collective sessions, what should I choose?

During individual sessions, the intention or objective of the session and of the exercises is customized so you can reach your personal objective at your own pace.

Collective sessions are conceived on general and universal themes (relaxing, improving your sleep, boosting your vitality, etc.). The exercises are generic so that they can suit the group as a whole or because the group has the same overall objective. 

A collective session is recommended if you are interested in discovering the practice, or when your problem is not too severe or for limited budgets.

Alexandra Dobbs
in Vincennes

My practice in Vincennes

5 rue Robert Giraudineau
94300 Vincennes

From Monday to Saturday from 8h to 20h

"Stop smoking!"

By Bret

I have struggled for years to end the start-stop process of smoking. Willpower just wasn’t enough, and that is why I sought out Alexandra. Her calm and measured approach served me well. Two months on from my last session I feel well armed to fight and not give into temptation. I have broken the vicious cycle of failure.


By Zahra

She gives very professional and good and cooperative really feel good after meeting her

"a pleasure to entrust your child to Mrs. Dobbs"

By Maissoun AL-REFAI

It is a pleasure to entrust your child to Mrs. Dobbs. Professional and pleasant. Her work was a great success for my son. I was very reluctant at first with sophrology and thanks to her work he is making great progress, I strongly recommend her. Best wishes (posted on Google)

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