Alexandra Dobbs
Sophrologist and Hypnotherapist
Alexandra Dobbs
Sophrologist and Hypnotherapist

Client feedback

"Stop smoking!"

By Bret

I have struggled for years to end the start-stop process of smoking. Willpower just wasn’t enough, and that is why I sought out Alexandra. Her calm and measured approach served me well. Two months on from my last session I feel well armed to fight and not give into temptation. I have broken the vicious cycle of failure.



By Zahra

She gives very professional and good and cooperative really feel good after meeting her


"a pleasure to entrust your child to Mrs. Dobbs"

By Maissoun AL-REFAI

It is a pleasure to entrust your child to Mrs. Dobbs. Professional and pleasant. Her work was a great success for my son. I was very reluctant at first with sophrology and thanks to her work he is making great progress, I strongly recommend her. Best wishes (posted on Google)


"I recommend"

By Roseline Zhou

Very good experience with Alexandra, she helped me manage my eating disorder due to stress with great listening qualities and kindness. I recommend her without hesitation (posted on Google)


"Grateful "

By Victoria C.

My daughter had to prepare for a dance performance and this made her very anxious (she never performed in front of a lot of people before). Her anxiety started to impact her social life at school and outside - she became extremely shy and often sad. Alexandra created a trusted environment for my daughter and provided her with a set of tailored exercises. I didn’t see a drastic change right away, rather over the course of several sessions my daughter regained her happy confident self and the anxiety is gone! I’m so grateful to Alexandra - every day that I see my daughter’s smile and enjoy life, I cannot thank her more. (posted on Google)


"Thank you!"

By Nané

The few sessions I had with Mrs. Dobbs allowed me to accept the fact of getting vaccinated, which I was very afraid of. Thank you Mrs. Dobbs for your amazing help!


"A gentle and concrete approach"

By A2line

Mrs. Dobbs proved to be very gentle and a very good listener all the way through. She took time during the first appointment to define with me my expectations in order to guide the sessions in the right direction, and to collect my feelings at each new session. This made it possible to target and work on the right topics for me. I also appreciated the fact of having concrete tools to practice sophrology exercises at home and thus be able to prolong the benefits. She also used Hypnosis at times which was also a first for me, like an "icing on the cake" and a nice surprise thank you!


"Very nice initiation at the Western Library of Vincennes"

By Delphine and Denise

Thank you Alexandra Dobbs for this introduction to sophrology at the Western Library of Vincennes! All the participants greatly appreciated the discovery of this practice. Relaxation is guaranteed!


"Now my daughter goes to sleep on her own!"

By Delphine

My daughter had problems falling asleep on her own and she used to wake up at night for years. She immediately felt at ease and felt confident to talk during the sessions. After only two sessions the result were there: quieter nights and general reassurance. The whole family enjoys it! :)


"A very nice experience"

By Halina Cytarzynska

I took part in a collective initiation session to sophrology. It was a very good course, very professional and which brought me to complete relaxation. The teacher is very knowledgeable and very pleasant. She creates a good atmosphere, allowing you to reach profound relaxation.


"A great session to discover sophrology"

By Hélène Lesturgie

People under stress are guaranteed to relax. Good to know: the therapist offers zoom sessions. I tried it and I recommend it. It works! During the session I did simple exercises which I can now to repeat at will. I felt deeply relaxed after the session.


"Very professional"

By Hernán Morales

A very professional person. We worked on my fatigue (eyes, face and back) by videoconference. I initially doubted I could concentrate at home, but thanks to Alexandra's very precise auditory guidance, it was very easy and with very effective results. Thank you Alexandra!




Thanks to you I finally gained confidence in myself and my problems in Dance have almost disappeared! I feel a big (positive) change since all these sessions and even my family have noticed it! Once again a big thanks for your support and I will not hesitate to recommend you to my friends and family. I will contact you if I have a question or in the event of a new problem! And thank you for your offer for self-hypnosis!


"managing my emotions"

By Florence

Alexandra offered me a space where I felt I could express and identify negative emotions that were too present and she also gave me tools to learn how to better understand and manage them.


"Thank you for your newsletter"


Usually I quickly skim through the few newsletters I receive or I don't even read them at all but yours are amazing, magnificent ... and full of useful and interesting information! Particularly that of October 2021 "Sophrology and Hypnosis: Through the autumnal mist" (in French: "A travers la brume automnale"). Not to mention their aesthetic. Thank you.


"Thank you Alexandra"

By N.R

My experience with The Great Alexandra sophrologist has changed my life. I arrived totally broken in every sense of the word and this beautiful encounter enabled me to receive care, remedy, a natural medicine without constraint, with gentleness and compassion, benevolence and observation. It gave me a lot of keys and insights to piece myself together again. If I had known sophrology and Alexandra earlier in life, it would have saved me a lot of time in life. I don't have any advice to give you, but Alexandra is there to help and support you through your transformation. Thanks again Alexandra for your patience, your reassuring voice and your professionalism.


"Invaluable help"

By Nadège

First of all, thank you Alexandra for your support when I needed it. Sometimes it is wise to reach out for help and find someone caring to help us move forward. That is what you will find in Alexandra's sessions, with no judgment and a lot of empathy.


"Dental phobia"

By Vanina

I initially chose Alexandra because I wanted a bilingual English-French person. I live in the US so everything was done online because of the remoteness. After only 3 sessions, the phobia subsided enormously, which allowed a difficult dental intervention to be done in much better conditions and with much more confidence, despite heavy past trauma. A big thanks for these sessions! I highly recommend Alexandra Dobbs whether online or in person. It should also be mentioned that your collaboration in the treatment is necessary.


"Well-being and serenity! "

By Kelly

I had several sessions with Ms Dobbs for sleeping disorders and anxiety following a dog attack. Her help was more than precious to me: I feeling good again and serene in my daily life. After each session, I received the detailed breathing exercises to do at home! Thank you for your kindness and the quality of your work.


"At last I dared"

By Monique

Why did I wait so long to make an appointment with you?!! What a pity not to have come sooner! Deliverance, serenity, calm, light as air, A huge THANK YOU Alexandra! Everything worked out so well. From the first session, the problem I came for (eating disorder, night-time snacking) was resolved and, above all, I immediately had a feeling of well-being. So then, I wanted to continue with one more session to alleviate a recurring feeling of anxiety, a lack of self-confidence. Again, the session was beneficial. Our 3rd meeting consolidated the work carried out in the two previous sessions. Today, I am ready and eager to continue learning the basics of self-hypnosis. Thank you again, Alexandra, for the way you welcomed me, your professionalism and your kindness.


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